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REAR Steel Strut Brace - Beretta L-Body

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REAR Steel Strut Brace - Beretta L-Body
REAR Steel Strut Brace - Beretta L-Body REAR Steel Strut Brace - Beretta L-Body REAR Steel Strut Brace - Beretta L-Body


Lot of people has been asking for it so here it is! The MRZ Performance rear strut bar. This steel strut brace can be used and abused on the track or in the streets, it will improve your suspension stability and steering feel in hard cornering. This is not some high volume production strut bar like Vibrant or Ractive ones that are weak and do not add any real support to the rear end of your car. This shock braces can be used for the most extreme autocross events as long as for the each day drive around the block. Like all our other products, it is a show quality item that people will notice right away.

The Steel CNC machined end braces are welded the 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 square steel tube then painted to your specifications. It comes with the www.mrzperformance.com sticker applied to the back so everyone will notice you use nothing but the best, just choose the decal color you want.

Ready to install on your car in just a couple of minutes.

Made for any year of Beretta Corsica L body cars. More rear strut bar applications available soon from MRZ Performance including J body and W body.

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