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Billet Seat Brace - Cobalt - SS emblem

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The Billet Seat Brace is a new innovative part that will look amazing in your Cobalt! The MRZ Performance seat braces are made out of High Strength 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum. They are CNC machined and hand brushed or polished to a mirror finish, you can get them in the finish of your choice. The unique design of this new part is made to fit perfectly on the headrest of your Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5. The seat brace is a 100% safe and will not affect any safety feature of your car. Easy to install in a minute, remove headrest, insert the MRZ Billet Seat Brace and put headrest back on seat, you're done!

Those billet seat braces are real eye catchers in car shows, these are perfect items to have a custom emblem engraved. You can have them with many different engravings (OEM emblems, MRZ emblem and custom emblems) or simply leave them plain. We can also anodize them in various colors.

The billet seat braces come in pair to fit both front seats. Approximate size is 1 1/2" x 1/2" x 6".

This paticular set comes with the SS emblem. 

Check out MRZ Performance new seat braces made for more applications in the next months.

Here it is installed in a Cobalt SS coupe 2.4

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