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Polished Billet HVAC Knob Set - Beretta

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Polished Billet HVAC Knob Set - Beretta
Polished Billet HVAC Knob Set - Beretta Polished Billet HVAC Knob Set - Beretta Polished Billet HVAC Knob Set - Beretta


Tired of the OEM knobs or the cheap plastic clear knobs you see in every other car, here is a Unique solution that we bring to you; the MRZ Performance Polished Billet HVAC knob set. They are CNC machined with precision and detail to have a perfect fit on your OEM HVAC. They are made out of High Strenght 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum inserted with a clear acrylic rod to tranfer light from the HVAC in the dark.

Compared to other knob manufacturers, MRZ Performance polish all knobs to a mirror finish similar to chrome in all areas.  

Like all our other products, you can get them customized the way you want if you want a really unique look. Carbon fiber can be add to them also giving these a special touch. Engraving of all OEM emblems are available or you can submit your own design to be engraved. We can help you out making a new design that will stand out from the crowd.

Come in set of 3 knobs. Just pull the old knobs out and push the MRZ knobs in place.

Approximative size is Ø 1 1/2" x 7/8"

Your satisfaction is guaranteed on these covers like all our products.

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