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MRZ Big Bore Throttle Body - 60MM - 2.3 Quad4

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MRZ Big Bore Throttle Body - 60MM - 2.3 Quad4
MRZ Big Bore Throttle Body - 60MM - 2.3 Quad4


Tired on the tiny 56mm Throttle Body on your Quad4...  Want to get more air in this engine?

MRZ Big Bore Throttle Bodies are modified to improve throttle response and airflow. They allow the air coming into the engine to completely fill the plenum with higher-pressure air.  Throttle Bodies with stock bore make the air rush into the plenum violently and will not allow the motor to fill the cylinders completely.  Bored Throttle Bodies allow the cylinders to fill more completely and be more consistent creating more power.

Each MRZ Big Bore Throttle Body is CNC machined to exact specs and polished for optimal airflow. You can get them in various size on request depending on your need. 60 and 62mm are the most common sizes we sell for the Quad's.

TB is $295 shipped to you ready to bolt on, price require for you send back your core. $50 core charge apply at checkout. We refund it to you as soon as the core get's here.

Here are some picture even if this is not the actual 2.3 TB.

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